It’s been a long lockdown, but finally there’s some light squinting through at the end of the (Euro)tunnel. France officially reopened its borders on June 15th, meaning a trip to the South of France is finally on the cards.


However, at time of writing, travellers arriving in France from the UK are still being asked to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival – so any plans for a break away to the South of France will have to allow for this.


Even if this isn’t yet feasible, we can still look ahead and start researching locations to visit when the coronavirus threat has passed and quarantine rules have been lifted.


With that in mind, your favourite South of France property surveyor has compiled a list of some of the very best and most beautiful places to visit in the South of France.



If you’re looking for somewhere as slow-paced and quiet as it is picturesque and beautiful, then look no further than Aix-en-Provence. From the Aix Cathedral to the MuséeGranet, Aix-en-Provence has so much to see and do and centuries of culture to absorb.


And if you fancy a road trip one day, then you are well within driving distance of Provence’s signature lavender fields – a sight not to be missed in high summer.


Porquerolles Island

If the mainland doesn’t take you fancy, then perhaps a visit to the stunning island of Porquerolles will be more your cup of tea – or should we say glass of rosé? The wineries in Porquerolles are some of the finest in the whole country, and a visit to at least one of the island’s three vineyards is not to be missed.


You will need either your hiking or cycling boots, mind you – Porquerolles is car-free, so best-suited to the walkers and cyclists amongst you.



For those that have had enough of isolation and quietude, Nice may well provide the break you’re looking for. It’s the city that immediately comes to mind when we think of the South of France – and for good reason.


Nice is beaches and bistros galore, making it a firm favourite with travellers from all over the world all year around. Whether it’s the Nice Carnival, the Yachting Regatta or the Nice Jazz festival, there is always something going on in Nice – and plenty of museums and art galleries to visit, too.



Home to Vincent van Gogh for a number of years, the stunning South of France city of Arles is laden with Roman and Romanesque architecture, including a Roman theatre, aqueduct and baths.


It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and one of the most beautiful and historic places to visit in the region. Art lovers can even take a walking tour “in the footsteps of Van Gogh” and visit the actual locations depicted in some of the artist’s most famous paintings.


Final Thoughts

It may be a while yet before a long weekend in the South of France can be enjoyed without being asked to quarantine upon arrival first, but the day will soon come – and when it does, all these beautiful locations and more will still be there.


If you’re thinking about buying a property in this incredible part of the world, then get in touch with South of France property surveyor Charles Mackintosh and start your journey today.