If you think project managing a full home renovation in the South of France will be a challenge – you’re not wrong. Even if you’re an experienced home builder, construction work is by its very nature complicated and can be overwhelming – especially when trying to keep labour costs down by doing as much of the work as possible yourself.


However, self-building doesn’t have to mean constructing your new extension or other renovation project single-handedly brick by brick. The reality is that you are going to need someone to manage your project on your behalf – or at least assist you in the project management process.


In fact, hiring a professional project manager is especially important if you’re an oversees buyer coming to the South of France to work on a self-build project – or, indeed, if this is your very first project anywhere in the world.


This quick guide will take you through the steps you’ll need to consider no matter if you’re planning to project manage the build yourself or hire in a project manager.

How to Manage a Home Build and Renovation Project in the South of France

The Role of the Project Manager


Whether it’s you or a hired-in professional, the project manager will be responsible for overseeing the entire self-build project.


This includes everything from initial drawings and designs to the actual building work itself. In addition, project management involves coordinating with all the various teams, builders, trades, and subcontractors that will be involved on the project. It also means being responsible for ensuring conformity with local building regulations at all times.


The Renovation and Building Process


Project managers need to have a full grasp of the steps involved in a self-build project long before work starts. Not only is this important for keeping all work and the people that will be doing it organised, but also for keeping to budget.


The ideal order of a self-build project should be as follows:

  1. Finalise plans
  2. Repair any existing structural issues
  3. Demolish the sections of the building that need to be removed
  4. Install the renovation according to the design
  5. Install plumbing and electrics
  6. Finish the walls
  7. Clean and decorate

Of course, each project will be unique – so this list is merely an outline. The details will need to be fleshed out in their entirety by the project manager.


Sourcing Builders and Materials


Unless you’re an experienced or professional builder, the likelihood is you’re going to need some help executing all the steps in your project. You’ll also need the right tools and, importantly, materials.


Many subcontractors work on a labour-only basis – meaning it will be the project manger’s duty to purchase all the necessary materials and have them ready on the building site at the right time. Quantities, of course, are crucial – and you need not only to be precise, but to also have good knowledge of the local market if you’re going to keep to your budget.

Hiring a Professional Project Manager in the South of France

One of the most important things for self-builders to realise is that there is no such thing as a general contractor in the South of France. As such, each trade is appointed separately – which means the proper coordination of all involved is absolutely essential for keeping projects on track, on time, and on budget.


With over 30 years’ experience living and working in the region, Charles Mackintosh is a professional project manager and property surveyor serving overseas buyers and renovators in the South of France.


No matter if you’re doing a loft conversion, building an extension, undertaking repairs detailed on a survey report, or building a brand new villa from scratch, Charles is at your service to spearhead the entire project for you.


Charles has an established directory of highly reliable tradesmen and professionals, and will organise all schedules, quotations, and building works from start to finish.


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