When it comes to buying a home in the South of France, there is a whole host of reasons why having a full structural survey conducted by a professional, English-speaking RICS chartered surveyor is absolutely essential.


It’s a huge decision to purchase a home overseas. No matter whether you’re considering moving to this glorious part of the world permanently, or looking to invest in a holiday home you can rent out to tourists (and make use of yourself from time to time), taking the decision to commission a full building survey will be one of the smartest moves you can make.

What Is a Structural Survey?

As its name suggests, a full structural survey is designed to assess the structural integrity of a building prior to purchase.


A professional South of France property surveyor will conduct a full and thorough inspection of the property with the aim of identifying any defects – paying special attention to those that could manifest as expensive problems in the near-, medium-, or long-term future.


This is important. Unlike in the UK and other countries, full structural surveys aren’t “the done thing” in France, with most French buyers purchasing property having only the basics (lead, asbestos, termites, etc.) covered. This is a very risky endeavour, however – especially for overseas buyers who may not speak the language.


Indeed, with such large sums of money on the table, it’s imperative that you have a full structural survey report drawn up by a professional prior to purchase – as this is the only way to be sure you’re not pouring your life savings into something that’s falling to bits beneath the paint and plasterwork.


As well as looking for the more obvious deficiencies, such as dampness and mould, a professional surveyor will check wall and roof structures, as well as heating and hot water systems and electrical wiring and cables. All external structures – including garages and outbuildings – receive the same treatment, with the purpose being to give you a full and unbiased picture of exactly what you’re taking on.


Structural survey reports will inform you precisely of what remedial works will be needed (and how much they are likely to cost), whether or not the building is structurally sound, and if its physical features are suitable for your purposes – if it is possible to extend upwards or outwards, for example.

Get a Full Structural Survey from Charles Mackintosh – South of France Property Surveyor

If you’re looking for a property surveyor in the South of France, you’re in luck.


Chares Mackintosh is a RICS chartered surveyor who has lived and worked in the region for over 30 years, providing highly revered English-language property surveys and advice to overseas buyers.


Charles’s expertise lies in finding and acquiring the finest properties in the South of France for his clients. As well as advising purchasers, Charles prepares full structural survey reports, which include valuations with a full list of defects.


Charles knows buying a property in France can be daunting, which is why he offers the full service, acting as the purchaser throughout the transaction. In addition, for any remedial works that need to be undertaken post-purchase, Charles will co-ordinate the project. With many years of experience, Charles has established a directory of highly reliable craftsmen and professionals to recommend to clients. He will then liaise with all contractors, ensuring that the project progresses satisfactorily to completion in accordance with instructions and to budget.


From full structural surveys to overseeing repairs, Charles Mackintosh is your go-to professional when purchasing property in the South of France. Get in touch today for more information.