Do you dream of turning an old and neglected French property into your perfect home away from home? It’s a common fantasy among many – but so it remains for those who don’t do their homework, set realistic budgets for property repairs and maintenance costs, and enlist the services of a professional property surveyor to help them find the perfect building in the right place at the right price.


Indeed, even with careful planning, house repairs and maintenance costs – along with timescales – can often spiral out of control. However, having a realistic idea of what different types of work will cost you in the South of France, as well as a trusted English-speaking property surveyor by your side, will ensure you stick to budget and get a great deal for your money.


In this article, we’ll be taking a look at typical housing repairs and maintenance costs in the South of France.

The General Costs of Home Repairs and Maintenance Work in the South of France

While it’s true that precise costs will vary from area to area – and from contractor to contractor – the French daily newspaper Le Figaro recently published a rough guide to what each repair and maintenance job typically costs in France.


New Windows


Having old windows removed will set you back about €50-€100 (£42-£84) per window. Installation of a new window is between €150 and €300 (£128-£257), and a double-glazed window itself can be anywhere between €100 and €1,000 (£84-£840) depending on size and manufacturer.


New Roof


If your property needs a new roof, you will need to budget for an average of €60/sqm (£51/sqm). If the timber structure needs replacing, this will set you back roughly €200/sqm (£168/sqm).




Of course, you may want to try and save some cash by painting your house yourself. However, if this is something you would rather leave to a professional, you should budget for roughly €25-€40 (£21-£34). This figure, however, could easily rise if you need extra work – hole filling or wallpaper removal, for example.




Redoing wiring in a French home typically costs around €110/sqm (£94/sqm).




The average price of plumbing work is difficult to pin down. It will of course vary enormously depending on the size of the property and the scope of the work. However, for comparison, Le Figaro puts it that plumbing for a 50sqm apartment will cost on average €5,000 (£4,289).




Again, heating options and their associated costs vary hugely – from modern eco options, to traditional electric and gas central heating, to wood burners. However, we can get a ballpark figure on what’s available. A gas boiler will set you back roughly €3,000 (£2,574), while you’ll need about €6,000 (£5,147) for a new wood stove and between €5,000 and €10,000 (£4,289-£8,578) for a heat pump.  


Obtaining a Devis


No matter what house repairs and maintenance you require for your South of France home, you need to obtain a devis (i.e., a quote) from any and all contractors before work begins. Providing a devis is obligatory by law in France, and must include the date, name and address of the business, the name and address of the client, the start date and length of any works, details and costs of each service, labour and travel costs (if relevant), and the total amount, both excluding and including taxes (TTC).


What About Renovation Grants?


As reported in FrenchEntrée, since the start of 2021, renovation grants – known as MaPrimeRénov – have been available to households in France to help fund improvements to ventilation, heating systems, and insulation.


Homeowners, landlords, and second-home owners can all apply for the grants – which are potentially worth up to €20,000 – for any home that is more than two years old. However, these grants are largely unavailable to non-residents – so they may be out of your reach if you do not have residency status in France.  

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