Congratulations! After months of property hunting, you’ve finally found your dream home in the South of France. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s just what you always dreamed it would be… Or is it? The truth is, no matter where you purchase property in the world, you can never be 100% certain it’s all it’s cracked up to be (or whether it’s cracking up at all|) until you’ve had a structural survey of the building. What’s more, you need to be sure where the property boundaries are, so you know what’s yours and what’s not – and for that, you need a local land surveyor.


In this post, we’ll be considering why you should hire a local land surveyor when buying a house in the South of France. Let’s dive in.

Why You Need a Local Land Surveyor in France

There are two main reasons why finding a surveyor in the South of France to survey the land is a good idea before buying:

  1. The boundaries of the property are not shown on the land registry (known as the plan cadastral)
  2. You may be dividing an existing registered plot of land

In both cases, you need to commission a land survey by a local land surveyor – the costs of which are usually shared between buyer and seller.


It’s important to note, however, that even if the plan cadastral clearly shows the boundaries of the property, the registry plan still offers no guarantees on either the surface area or boundaries of the land. This is because the land area shown on the plan cadastral is approximate only and is carried out for taxation purposes, rather than property purchases.


As such, if there is any question at all about the boundaries of the property, you need to arrange for a local land surveyor to measure the land.

What Other Surveys Should You Have Done in the South of France Before Buying?

You may have heard that property surveys are “just not done” in France. You may also have been informed that it’s not possible to have a survey of property before buying in the country. You could have also been told that it’s impossible to find a qualified building surveyor in France – especially one that speaks good English.


Well, the first point is true – property surveys in France are not “the done thing”, as it were, and they’re certainly not a legal requirement. However, not only is it possible to have a property professionally surveyed before buying, it is highly recommended – and yes, it is possible to find fully-qualified, English-speaking chartered surveyors in the South of France.


Indeed, as well as a land survey, it is always in the buyer’s best interest to have a full structural property survey carried out before signing on the dotted line. Only by having both a land and building survey done can you be absolutely confident that your dream house in the South of France really is all it’s cracked up to be – and not, in fact, actually cracking up either within or without.


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