Looking for some bargain French property? Just like anywhere in the world, there is some brilliant cheap property in France if you know where to look for it. Though it is of course true that many houses to buy in France under €50,000 will require renovation – others are ready for you to move in right away.


Maybe you like the idea of moving permanently into a village house in France, or perhaps you’re in the market for a holiday home to rent out to tourists. No matter what your plans are, buying a house in France might be more affordable than you think.


So, how do you find houses to buy in France under €50,000?

Where to Find Houses to Buy in France Under €50,000?

Browse around online listings and estate agents’ websites in France and you’ll soon realise that a lot of the cheapest housing can be found in rural areas. Property is in comparatively low demand in the countryside, which tends to keep prices down.


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If you’re looking for something a little more urban, however, you will have to do some research. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find something in glitzy and highly desirable locations like Paris for under €50,000, there are plenty of towns and other cities in France that can offer something more affordable.


Though, as the graph below indicates, there are some regions in France that are known for having more affordable property than others, your best bet is to peruse reputed property listings and websites, using the available filters to set your budget and property type.

second home prices in france

(Image source: connexionfrance.com)

Top Real Estate Websites in France

There are many property portals available which you can use to search for houses to buy in France under €50,000. Here are five we recommend:

  1. LeBonCoin
  2. SeLoger.com

  3. Logic-Immo.com
  4. Bienici.com

  5. AvendreAlouer.fr

Buying Cheap Property in France

While it is always recommended that you commission the services of a reputed property surveyor when buying a home abroad, it is especially important when purchasing a bargain home.


Property, in general, isn’t cheap – and when a house is listed at a price that seems too good to be true, that may very well be the case.


As such, it is imperative that you arrange to have a professional survey conducted to ensure you’re not getting more than you bargained for.


A property surveyor will produce a full property report detailing the structural condition of any building you’re interested in. Your surveyor will not only list any defects that may be present in the property, but also advise you on how much they will likely cost you to fix – and may even be able to put you in touch with local builders and help you get the best price for the work.


The importance of a property survey cannot be overstated. Buying a cheap home will not be cheap in the long-run if you end up having to fork out more than the sale price just to bring it up to scratch.


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Charles Mackintosh – South of France Property Surveyor

If you’re looking for houses to buy in France under €50,000, get in touch with RICS chartered surveyor Charles Mackintosh. Charles has over 30 years’ experience living and working in the region and specialises in providing highly regarded English language property surveys and advice for overseas buyers. Get in touch with Charles today.