Looking for some great French property websites to buy real estate in the South of France? 


We’ve got you covered.


Living in France is a dream retirement goal for many people – and it’s not hard to understand why. With glorious year-round sunshine, some of the best food and wine in the whole of Europe (if not the world), miles upon miles of golden beaches to explore, and a rich and historic art culture, the French lifestyle has a lot to offer. 


Now you need to find your dream home to make your base. 


Properties for sale in the South of France can be found on various real estate websites and property portals. 


We’ll list the best websites for buying real estate in the South of France at the bottom of this article. First, we offer some tips for getting the most out of property portals when searching for property in France to give you the best chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for. 

Using Real Estate Websites and Property Portals

To be sure, there are thousands of properties for sale in the South of France – and it is the function of a real estate website or property portal to help you narrow down your search. 


To do this, you will need to become familiar with the search bar and its filters. Even when you restrict your search to a narrow budget and size range, it’s likely that you’ll still be faced with hundreds of properties to choose from – especially if you’re looking at a wide geographic area. 


As such, a great tip is to use the property portal’s filters to be specific with your search. The more details you can add, the better. Use keywords in your search such as “sea view”, “garden” or “conservatory”. The more information you give to the search engine, the quicker you will find your dream home. 

5 Great Property Portals to Find Your Dream South of France Home

Let’s now take a look at five great websites for property hunting in France. 




Leboncoin.fr is the largest classified ads website in France, on which you can find all manner of goods – including South of France property. It’s popular with property hunters because it cuts out the middleman – meaning you may be able to avoid fees from estate agents. 




SeLoger.com is the largest online service to search for, rent, buy, and sell property in France. Great photos and a powerful search engine ensure you’ll find what you’re looking for. 




Another popular website is superimmo.com – a French real estate portal that helps you find property for sale as well as information to ensure you make the best purchase decision. 


Leggett Immobilier 


Leggett Immobilier is found at frenchestateagents.com and is a favorite among many property hunters thanks to its English-language listings and English-speaking agents. Great properties, too!




Another great option for those that need an English-language site is French-Property.com. Select your region, price range, number of bedrooms and hit “Find Property” to pull up an exhaustive list of properties listed on the site. 

Charles Mackintosh – South of France Property Surveyor

For more information on where to find great property in the South of France, get in touch with Charles Mackintosh. With more than 30 years’ experience living and working in the region, Charles provides highly regarded English-language property surveys and advice for overseas buyers.