Looking for a South of France property surveyor?


If you’re considering buying a property in this stunning part of the world, you would be very wise to do so.


However, you may be surprised to learn that there is no building surveying profession in France – at least, not in the same manner as there is in the UK.


The reason is, that having your property structurally surveyed is not compulsory in the country – and so very few French buyers organise a full building survey to be carried out.


So, what is the equivalent of a property surveyor in the South of France

Building Surveys in France

While it’s true that, by law, French property sellers are required to commission certain surveys and reports as part of the sales process, these fall a long way short of a full building survey.


They are known as the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique (DDT) and are generally carried out by specialty firms. They are rather limited in their scope however, covering only lead in paint, asbestos, termites, gas installations, and natural or industrial risks. None of these inspections, as you can see, cover the actual structural condition of the building.


Of course, architects exist in France and some buyers may ask one for an opinion. However, an architect is an architect, not a building surveyor – which is to say that an architect’s professional expertise is in the field of architectural design, not in examining and assessing the structural condition of existing buildings.


Then there is the profession of géomètre-expert. However, a géomètre-expert is essentially a land surveyor, responsible for calculating the surface areas of land and buildings – through measurements, observations, data analysis and research of documents and historical evidence – in the support of planning, designing and establishing property boundaries.

Charles Mackintosh – South of France Property Surveyor

The truth is that there is no real French equivalent of a property surveyor – which is precisely why RICS chartered surveyor Charles Mackintosh provides his specialty services in the South of France, providing British buyers with highly-regarded English language property surveys.


All buildings need to be looked after correctly to ensure they stay in sound condition. Any number of issues can be hidden below the surface – just because a property looks grand and beautiful on the outside by no means guarantees that it’s not falling to bits beneath the paint and plaster work.


Such defects need to be unearthed before you plough your life savings into something you cannot afford to maintain – and especially if you intend to modify or extend the property post-purchase.


When purchasing a property in the South of France, your first step should be to contact Charles Mackintosh.


With over 30 years’ experience living and operating in the region, Charles is firmly established as the go-to professional for straightforward property advice.


Charles will conduct a full building survey, assess the possibilities and potential costs of any building or renovation work which may necessary, help you negotiate with local estate agents and ensure all legal papers and other matters are in proper order to guide you through the process.


Get in touch with South of France Property Surveyor Charles Mackintosh today to start your journey.