Having a building structurally surveyed by a professional South of France property surveyor is not compulsory before purchase in this part of the world. Sellers are obliged to commission certain diagnostic reports – known as the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique (DDT) – although these only cover areas such as asbestos, lead paint, termites, septic tanks and geotechnical risks in areas where ground movement (i.e. earthquakes) are considered to be a potential problem.


What these surveys don’t cover however, is the structural condition of a building. This is an important consideration – especially because sales become binding much earlier in the process than they do in the UK. You cannot make an offer “subject to survey” as is customary on these shores. As such, it’s essential that you arrange for a South of France property surveyor to survey the building in advance of any offers you make.


What Will Your South of France Property Surveyor Check?

A professional and experienced South of France property surveyor will conduct a full and thorough inspection of the building you intend to purchase. Your surveyor will look for defects in the property with attention paid to those that could manifest as (expensive) problems further down the line.


As well as looking for the more obvious deficiencies, such as dampness and mould, your surveyor will check electricity wiring and cables, heating and hot water systems, pipes and waste drainage, and wall structures.


The purpose is both to ensure that the building is structurally sound and that its physical features are adequate for your purposes – if it is possible, for example, to extend upwards or outwards.


All external structures – including outbuildings or garages – will be surveyed in the same manner to give you a full and true picture of what you’re taking on.


We are often asked the question, how long does it take to survey a property in the South of France?


Well, the survey itself will take a few hours – anywhere between two and eight, depending on the building and whether you are opting for a Condition Report, Home Buyer Report, or full Building Survey – and you should expect to receive the written up report within two weeks.


Your South of France property surveyor should be able to give you a clear indication of precisely how long it will take to produce the report once they have completed the property visit.


Final Thoughts

Though not compulsory, having a structural survey conducted by a professional South of France property surveyor is highly recommended before making an offer on a property in this part of the world – especially because turnaround times are so quick.


It is only when you have had a full survey conducted by an experienced and unbiased professional that you can purchase with confidence and know precisely what you’re getting yourself into before signing on the dotted line.


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