Hello and welcome to another lockdown article from your friendly neighbourhood South of France surveyor.


We may all be stuck inside for a while longer yet, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead and start making plans for after the coronavirus threat has passed.

For many people, the end of the lockdown will present an opportunity to make big changes in their lives. Big changes such as perhaps, purchasing property in the glorious South of France?


However, if you have experience buying property here in the UK, you will likely find several significant differences in the process on the continent. Most notably when it comes to having a building survey carried out.


French Surveys

In the South of France, unlike in the UK, it is not a legal obligation to have a property structurally surveyed ahead of a sale/purchase. It marks a difference in attitude over property where the French assume that, if a property seems structurally sound and has been in place for a significant length of time, that’s good enough for them.


There is logic to this method as a good number of the problems a surveyor would check for can be visible to the naked eye.


Issues such as damp or mould, settling cracks, drainage problems, etc. can all be spotted by the average person with no special training or skills in property surveying.


However, as we know, there can be all manner of issues and problems hidden just below the surface of a building which may not be immediately apparent, but are poised to cause serious headaches further down the line – especially if your intention is to carry out renovations or significant modifications to the premises post-purchase.


For this reason, it is highly advisable to employ the services of a professional and experienced English-speaking South of France surveyor.


South of France Surveyor

A professional and experienced South of France surveyor will check for all the problems already discussed above and a lot more besides. They will come ready equipped with everything they need to check electricity wiring, heating and hot water systems, pipes and waste drainage, and wall structures.


They will also be able to check all internal and external structures – including any outbuildings for all the above.


Environmental factors which can have a detrimental effect on property conditions such as fungus, insects, floods, droughts radon gas, earth tremors etc. can also be identified, as well as issues which can simply arise from old age and overuse.


In short, while it is not a legal obligation for you to get a survey carried out when purchasing property in the South of France, we would highly recommend that you do so. With so many potential issues lurking just below the surface of a property it can really help you making a decision that you later come to regret.


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve demonstrated just how crucial we think it is for you to get a property fully surveyed ahead of making any purchasing decision.


South of France surveyor Charles Mackintosh has over 30 years experienced helping people buy and sell property in this remarkable part of the world, so get in touch to start your journey.