Hello and welcome to another edition of the South of France surveyor guide to some of the best parts of this incredible region of the world.


Lourmarin and Aix En Provence were our last ports of call and we have something equally special instore for you in this instalment.


Just because we are (at the time of writing) still on lockdown and fighting the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to the adventures we shall be enjoying once the danger has passed. The South of France has so many wonderful locations to enjoy and they’ll be there waiting for us once the lockdown has ended.


With that in mind, let us whisk you away from sitting in your pyjamas eating crisps to one of the most quintessential South of France destinations.


We are, of course, talking about the picturesque and idyllic region of Provence and the flower which has become synonymous with it – Lavender.


The famous Lavender fields of Provence have inspired creatives of all disciplines through the centuries – including arguably its most famous export, Vincent van Gough – and found its way into much of the regional cuisine, including delicious lavender flavoured honey and sorbet.


If you want to see these breathtaking and inspirational sights for yourself, make sure you visit Provence between the end of June and the beginning of August as this is the period in which the lavender fields are in full bloom. You’ll also be able to see the amazing sunflowers at the same time, giving you a double whammy of floral bliss.


By late August, expect the fields to have been harvested, so don’t leave it too long if you’re trying to avoid the hot weather and tourist crowds.


If you want to capture those magical images you’ve drooled over time and time again, the best part of Provence to visit is the Valensole Plateau. This region of Provence is home to some of the most photographed lavender fields anywhere in the world. As well as glassy deep blue lakes and picturesque villages such as Valensole itself and Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon.

Lavender Fields

The absolute best way to experience the lavender fields of Provence is by car. Few experiences can match the feeling of lazily trundling down winding country roads, surrounded by the most wonderful and vivid landscapes of purple, green, and yellow.


Taking a road trip from the Valensole Plateau, to the pastel houses and ochre cliffs of Sault, to Notre-Dame de Senanque’s 12th Century abbey, to the vineyards and winding footpaths of Drôme and beyond, is a journey not to missed or taken for granted.


The lavender fields of Provence are held in rightful regard for their picture-perfect aesthetics and ability to motivate and inspire the creative in all of us. It’s no wonder Vincent van Gough held the region in such high regard and spent some of the most productive years of his life here.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering your own move to this stunning region, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced and professional, South of France surveyor like Charles Mackintosh.


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