Hello and Happy New Year from your favourite South of France surveyor.


Whether you’re planning a short trip or a permanent move to this incredible part of the world, we have a plethora of exciting content planned for you in 2020.


We’re going to kick things off in style with another instalment in our Exploring series. Previous articles have taken you on a whistle-stop tour of such locations as Sète and Roquebrune Cap Martin, but today is the turn of Lourmarin.


Regarded by many as one of France’s most picturesque villages, this delightful location can be found just south of the Luberon Massif and is about as quintessentially Provence as you are likely to find. Resplendent with picturesque orchards, mighty mountains, and innumerable vineyards, there are few places one will enjoy a stay more.


If you’re a fan of continental café culture – and let’s face it, who isn’t? – you will be more than happy with the offerings of Lourmarin. While many of the region’s small villages can be somewhat lacking in this regard, Lourmarin is very much the exception, boasting some 15 restaurants or cafés for you to enjoy.


Head into the centre of the village, where the roads meet, and you’ll see tables and chairs spilling out onto the sidewalk and into the cobbled streets. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick cup of coffee and some people watching, or a five-course meal, you’re bound to find something you like.


If gluten free gourmet cuisine is your thing, starred chef Reine Sammut has her famous gastronomic restaurant – the Auberge la Fenière – in the village.


At the highest point of the village sits an impressive belfry built on the last remains of the medieval moated castle which once stood in its place. As you wander the tightly packed streets and houses, resplendent with fountains and statues, you get the impression that the whole village is made up of concentric circles looping around this impressive structure.


Aside from the Renaissance castle, visitors can tour the Catholic and Protestant churches and enjoy a remarkable view from the village of the Proches Bastides – a large and impressive fortified farmhouse dating back to the Middle Ages. Nestled between the castle and the village stands a charming little chapel built for Protestants.


If you wish to venture out, it is 20-minute drive down from Lourmarin to the Durance River and then about 40 minutes on to Aix-en-Provence.

Final Thoughts

Lourmarin is the latest entry in a seemingly endless parade of idyllic locations the South of France has for you to enjoy. From its beautiful streets, architecture, and sights, to the wide range of high quality food and drink on offer, Lourmarin is the pinnacle of Provincial charm and beauty and you’d be a fool to not to check it out next time you’re on the continent.


If you are looking to make this superb location your home (or home away from home) you’ll require the services of a confident and experienced South of France surveyor like Charles Mackintosh.


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