The South of France is the perfect place for purchasing – with the help of your South of France surveyor – a holiday home, or even packing up and moving completely.


There are so many positive aspects to this beautiful area of the country that it’s difficult to pick just one reason for moving. Whether it’s down to the change in lifestyle, the charming scenery, or the region’s storied history, moving to the South of France has something to offer to everyone.

A Slower Pace

Many make the decision to move to the South of France to leave behind the hustle and bustle of their previous lives. The reduced traffic and ambient noise in the region’s more rural locations can truly make you feel like you’ve stepped onto an entirely different planet.


The French savour their lives and don’t rush through them, something which often inspires people to make the move. Far less pressure is put on those who live in this area of the country, and everyone moulds their daily lives to their own personal pace. This is a definite contributing factor towards moving to the South of France, as people enjoy having the time to truly experience their lives within this new culture as well as to enjoy and appreciate the magical area they’ve relocated to.

The Food

Why eat French cuisine in London when you can appreciate it in one of the South of France’s beautiful restaurants along the coast or dotting the streets and towns?


France’s food is famous throughout the world, but there’s nothing better than enjoying it in the country itself. Food markets are held almost daily all over the region, with one of the best located in the medieval city of Carcassonne – where fresh regional produce is sold three times a week. Seafood is a staple of South of France cuisine, so be sure to sample some of the ocean’s fresh bounty while you’re there.


The South of France’s magnificent scenery is the perfect backdrop for the numerous sports played in the region.


The French enjoy swimming all year round, as well as horse riding, cycling, canoeing, and rock-climbing. The climate in France is mostly warm and sunny, but most sports can be enjoyed year-round, so the occasional rain shower won’t cause you much trouble.


If you weren’t participating in a sport in the UK, moving to the South of France presents the perfect opportunity to take one up.


Some people choose to move to the South of France for the opportunities the country offers the younger generations.


Finding the right school is simpler than you may expect, as English, French, and bilingual facilities are available. Lunch breaks in schools are two hours long, and traditional four-course meals are served – with the opportunity for seconds. Schools are closed on Wednesdays, giving families an extra day to explore their wonderful new home.


Signing up to a local school allows learning the language and culture of France to become part of their daily lives.

Final Thoughts

For people living in the South of France, new and exciting opportunities are constantly being presented. This stunning area of the country is a goldmine of gorgeous scenery, delicious food, a beautiful language, and an amazing new lifestyle.


With its tranquil ambience and memorable experiences, employing Charles Mackintosh as your South of France surveyor to help you make a property purchase in the region could be the best decision you make all year.


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