Of course, your friendly neighbourhood South of France surveyor is in the business of helping people relocate to this wonderful part of the world on a permanent basis.
However, before making such a life-changing decision you may want to take a quick trip to the continent and get a taste for the sights and sounds. Alternatively, it may be that you bought your South of France property as a holiday home and now is the time to start planning those solo, family, or romantic getaways and making the most of your investment.

Whatever your reasons for travelling to France has never been simpler and there is plenty to entertain your senses with once you arrive.


Before you begin your short break in the South of France, you need to make your way there. Thankfully we are living in a halcyon time for air travel with a huge number of budget and premium airline companies offering flights from almost any airport in the country – large and small.
For example, just £151 per person can bag you return flights from London Stansted, arriving a short time later in the beautiful Côte d’Azur. Once there you travel to the famous city of Nice where you’ll get four nights’ bed and breakfast in a stunning studio room in a four-star hotel. If you’re looking for flights alone without included accommodation – perfect for travelling to enjoy your recently purchased South of France property – you can get flights from London to Nice for as little as £20 per person.
However, you’re probably more interested in what to do when you’ve arrived on the South coast of France so, without further ado, let’s delve into some of the experiences you can enjoy during your short break.


If your main reason for visiting the South of France is to escape the – at best – unpredictable UK weather, you’re in for a treat. Even in the winter, you can expect the temperature to hit double figures, making the South of France the ideal place to migrate during the colder seasons. There really is no bad time to take a trip to this incredible part of the world.
However, one aspect of French culture which is time restricted are some of the amazing events which are held in the region. The world-famous Cannes Film Festival is held at the beginning of the summer with independent and Hollywood movie figureheads travelling to France to show off their latest works. For the adrenaline junkies among you, the high-octane thrills of the Monaco Grand Prix occurs at around the same time. Music festivals, art exhibitions, and sports fixtures are held throughout the year, so it pays to plan your journey around them.
France is, of course, famous for its cuisine and foodies can spend their time visiting the many restaurants, cafes, and bars which pepper the South – enjoying amazing seafood, pasta, produce, and wine while they watch the world go by.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, your short break to the South of France has inspired you to purchase your own property in the region – establishing a permanent bolt hole in this stunning part of the world.
If this describes you, you’ll need the services of an established and experienced South of France surveyor like Charles Mackintosh. With over three decades of experience buying and selling property in the South of France, Charles Mackintosh is your ideal partner for this journey. Please get in touch today for more information.