The sun-kissed South of France is one of the most popular holiday destinations among travellers of all ages, along with being many people’s favourite places to relocate permanently.

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Travelling to the South of France by Eurostar is one of the best ways for you to enjoy everything this beautiful corner of the world has to offer. In this article, we look at four of the most beautiful cities which are en-route while travelling on the Eurostar.


In little under five hours, you can be sitting in the beautiful setting of Lyon. Lyon is perfect for every sort of city break you can imagine, be it cultural, a quick getaway, or a family holiday.
Whether you want to take a walking tour around the ancient vineyards, explore the UNESCO World Heritage site in the centre of the city, or take a bike ride along the romantic river banks with a picnic, Lyon has it all and there will be a surprise hidden around every corner.


In just six hours from London and two hours 40 minutes from Paris, you can find yourself lost in the amazing city of Avignon. You will be charmed by the outstanding heritage, beautiful weather, and wide variety of cultural entertainments, all year round.
This city is brimming with character, culture, and culinary excellence. Taking a city break in Avignon allows you to become enriched by its history and the incomparable lifestyle of Provence.


Enjoy the rapidly changing scenery as you speed through France on your way to the Mediterranean on a Eurostar high-speed train, before arriving in the famous city of Marseille.
Marseille is a rapidly evolving city, yet still maintaining its sense of history. The contrast between new and old is one of the many reasons it stands out from the rest of the towns along the French Riviera. Marseille is also providing the perfect base for exploring the azure blue calanques that dot the coast.


When you have finished exploring the beautiful city of Marseilles, Aix is just 30kms away.
In Aix, you can find yourself a seat on the terrace and watch the world go by while enjoying fine coffee and beautiful pastis. With several different activities to enjoy, including painting, wine tasting, or a local game of boules, you are never short of something to do or somewhere exciting to explore.

Final Thoughts

The South of France provides a beautiful backdrop to your travels, all of which can be achieved through the services of Eurostar trains. The South of France has everything that you could ever want or need, with there being ample opportunities to explore the fabulous and unique settings it has to offer.
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