Your dream of investing in a property in the South of France could be closer than you think with the help of a South of France surveyor to help make it a reality.

The South of France offers a stunning location and has an air of grandeur and class surrounding its beautiful costal vistas. However, there are some important factors and potential lifestyle amendments which should be considered before investing in a property in this idyllic part of the world.

Luxury Living

The South of France is an area of luxury and lavishness, with F Scott Fitzgerald once describing the sea as “fairy blue.” So, no matter which property you choose to invest in, be it a beautiful secluded villa, or a city-based dwelling, your surroundings will never be anything but breath-taking.

Slowing Down

Commuting, traffic jams, and the busy environments of the UK are enough to inspire a move to France and start to take life a little slower, but what is the pace of life like when you get there?
Life can be savoured with there being very little pressure to be somewhere at a certain time resulting in even the most mundane and everyday activities becoming that little bit more enjoyable.
With the superb transport links available, driving is often unnecessary, with the fact being, many people living here do not drive at all! If they are not taking the bus or train, they are usually strolling around and enjoying the beautiful walks and scenery the countryside, towns, and cities have to offer.

Food and drink

With there being an abundance of delicious food and drink available all year round, the South of France is the place to really test out your culinary skills and develop some fabulous recipes using only the finest ingredients on offer.

Investing in property with a luxury kitchen makes taking this part in this aspect of French life easy and attainable.

If cooking isn’t your thing, the South of France is littered with amazing cafes, bars, and restaurants in which you can sample the region’s amazing food and drink, lovingly prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world.

Investing in Property

The towns in the south of France are sophisticated and affluent, all of which ensures that the area is well preserved, with its beauty remaining intact for people to enjoy. The rental potential of property here is excellent, and resale is usually fast and simple, with the French nationals keen to invest in property here as well as buyers from overseas.
The French legal system and buying processes make it one of the safest locations in which you can invest in property. All in all, the South of France is not only one of the most desired and sought-after places to own property – it’s also one of the safest and most accessible investments available.

Final thoughts

There is no better time to invest in property in this fantastic, heavenly, and secluded corner of the world. If you’re thinking about investing in property here, you’ll want the services of an experienced South of France surveyor like Charles Mackintosh.


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