As much as South of France surveyor Charles Mackintosh is sure you’ll absolutely love your new property purchase in the region, the time may come when you feel you wish to move on.


Whether your reasons for doing so involve moving back to the UK, relocating to another country, or (and we hope this is the real reason), you love the South of France so much, you want to stay forever, but fancy sampling a different area or upgrading to a bigger property, the decision to move on means you’re going to have to sell your property.


Read on for some top tips to guide you in selling your South of France property.


A quick Google search reveals the internet to be abound with numerous agencies who will sell the property on your behalf. While these agencies may have access to a large customer base and marketing heft, you will be expected to hand over a chunk of your sale monies in commissions.


French agency fees can be much higher than you’d expect, sitting at between four and twelve percent of the sale price – usually the lower the property value, the higher the commission percentage.


You’ll get varying degrees of service for your money so, if you decide to go down this route, be sure to get all the details of exactly what’s included. It’s not unusual for extra fees to be added on top for documents such as the Dossier de Diagnostic Technique, which can cost between €400 and €900.


The government has recently tightened up regulations on the training and accreditation requirements of those who can undertake these surveys, so make sure the agency offering them is qualified to do so.

Private Selling

If you decide to forego the use of an agency and instead opt to sell your property privately, you’re going to need to do a significant amount of research, get the property evaluated, take your own photographs, write descriptions, upload monitor and respond to adverts on multiple sites and social media platforms, and ensure someone can be present for viewings.


All of this will take a significant amount of time, so make sure you can spare it. If you and your partner both work full time or you live overseas, you may find the task to be unmanageable alongside your normal day.


Selling a property privately is stressful and time-consuming, so be realistic with yourself as to whether you can handle the time and energy requirements.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to sell your property you want to make sure to bring it to the attention of experienced South of France surveyor Charles Mackintosh. Charles has spent the last 30 years helping people buy and sell property in the South of France and it can really help you bring potential buyers to your sale by making sure it’s on his radar.


And, of course, be sure to look to Charles Mackintosh when it comes to purchasing your next South of France property.


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