Purchasing a beautiful new property with your South of France surveyor is only the beginning of your French journey.

Whether you’re moving to the region permanently, or simply need a holiday home to escape from the rat race for a few weeks out of the year, France has a multitude of attractions which are guaranteed to delight and entertain you and your whole family. From city-based shopping experiences, to delightful countryside escapes, there are so many great things to do.

However, as summer comes around once again, minds inevitably turn towards that staple of the summertime – the festival. You may be concerned that moving to France means the end of this fundamental experience, but you’ll be glad to learn that the region has its own fair share of great festivals for the whole family to enjoy.

From opera and classical music, to theatre or street dance, the South of France has a festival experience to suite any tastes.

June-August: Chorégies d’Orange

Dating back to 1860, the Chorégies d’Orange is the oldest festival in France. The festival takes place in a preserved Roman theatre in provincial town, Orange, in the South East of France.

Visitors will be delighted with a sumptuous feast of classical music and opera, made all the more wonderful by the incredible natural acoustics afforded by the original stone stage wall.

June-August: Carcassonne Festival

The supremely well preserved medieval city of Carcassonne is always worth a visit, but especially so during the summer months. The Carcassonne Festival delights visitors with a heady mix of music, theatre, and dance, performed at locations around the city including the Grand Théâtre and Basilique Saint-Nazaire.

June: La Fête de la Musique

Every year, on the day of the summer solstice, La Fête de la Musique is held at locations all over France. Thousands of musicians give free performances of all kinds of music, from jazz to rock and from hip-hop to electronic music, in bars, cafes, and in the street.

Check the website to find out what events are being put on near your location.

July: Festival d’Avignon

The Festival d’Avignon is one of France’s oldest and most famous annual festivals. There are dozens of shows in venues all around this historical city. Performances cover a variety of art forms including theatre, dance, music and cinema – many of them world or French premieres.

South of France Surveyor

If the summer festival scene in the South of France sounds like something you and your family would like to experience for yourself, then there has never been a better time to consider taking the plunge. Whether your tastes lie in music, theatre, food, drink, or a combination of all, the South of France will not disappoint.


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