Once you’re all moved into your new property, purchased with the expertise of your South of France surveyor, your continental adventure can truly begin. However, you may not always want to drive and will need some alternative methods of transport to make your way around the region.

Thankfully France has all the usual public transport options you’d expect from a modern developed nation, with bus and rail options able to take you almost anywhere you’d wish to go. Railway travel is the most popular and will provide a pleasant surprise at the ticket office to those more used to the outrageous prices charged in the UK.


However, it maybe you want a break away from the hustle and bustle and like the idea of using less typical travel options to make your way around. You’ll be overjoyed therefore, to learn that France has a couple of great locations where you can access some more exciting transport.


Think not of the gondolas made famous in the waterways of Venice. These boats are luxury affairs, sharing more in common with canal barges than the traditional Italian water taxis. Step onboard and be greeted by luxurious accommodation including multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, a kitchen and more. Many of these boats can easily accommodate one large, or two small families, or indeed, three couples.


Le Boat is the company most commonly found renting out these wonderful vehicles, and you’ll be pleased to learn it has outlets dotted all over the region. Furthermore, you don’t presently need any special nautical qualifications to rent from Le Boat, although having someone in your party with at least a little sailing knowledge and experience will be beneficial. The waterways of the South of France can be tricky to navigate, so make sure to brush up on your chart-reading skills.


While certainly not an everyday excursion, if you’re looking for a long weekend away with friends and/or family, you will find gondola travel a refreshing alternative to the usual fayre.


Village Castigno

Nestled between Carcassonne and Montpelier, you’ll find the picturesque location of Village Castigno. Once an isolated hamlet, the area has been transformed into a must-visit boutique destination under the vision of the landowners of the Chateau Castigno estate. The village offers many exciting activities for visitors including those based around food, wine, clothing, and arts and crafts. However, for those interested in outdoor activities, there are a bunch of vehicular pursuits to avail yourself of.


You can gain a birds’ eye view of the region with a breath-taking helicopter ride. For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, scooters and motorbikes can be hired to zoom around this glorious location. Stepping it up, you can also embrace the fairy tale nature of the village with a tour of the streets by horse and carriage.


Beats taking a bus, I’m sure you’ll agree.


Charles Mackintosh

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