Once you’ve fulfilled your ambition of purchasing a beautiful new home with the assistance of your South of France surveyor, it’s time to begin planning your move. However, there are still many things which need to be sorted out.


From finding a job and bringing a beloved family pet along, to making educational arrangements and visiting the region’s breath-taking historical sites, the number of factors to consider when moving to a new country are myriad. However, one consideration which may not have immediately sprung to mind is what sorts of day-to-day expenditure can you expect on the other side of the English Channel?


One assumes you would like to maintain a similar standard of living to that which you presently enjoy. For comparison’s sake therefore, we present a brief guide to the cost of living in the South of France.


Aside from bills, the majority of most people’s monthly budget is spent on keeping themselves and their families fed.

  • Bread for two people for one day: €1.15
  • One litre of whole fat milk €1.21
  • 500g of boneless chicken breast: €6.00
  • 12 large eggs: €4.12
  • 500g of local cheese: €7.00
  • One kg of potatoes: €1.90
  • One kg of tomatoes: €2.68
  • One kg of apples: €2.56
  • One bottle of good quality red table wine: €9.00

If eating out is your thing then you can expect to pay around €16.00 for a basic lunchtime menu with a drink, or, if you fancy something a little more sinful, €8.00 for a combo meal at a fast food restaurant. A three-course evening meal for two with wine will set you back around €70.00.



Utility Bills

For an average sized (85m2) two-person property in a city, you can expect to spend in the region of €153.00 per month on heating, electricity, gas, and other utilities. Eight mbps of broadband internet will set you back approximately €23.00 each month.


Unleaded petrol is presently priced in the region of €1.41 per litre, and a monthly public transport ticket costs around €68.


Toiletries and medical expenditure will also need to be considered ahead of your move.

  • Short visit to private doctor: €25.00
  • Cold medicine for six days: €5.58
  • One box of antibiotics: €7.00
  • One box of tampons: €4.46
  • Deodorant (50ml): €4.20
  • Hair shampoo (400ml): €3.91
  • Four rolls of toilet paper: €1.85
  • Tube of toothpaste: €2.38

If you don’t want to use private medical services, you will need to explore your rights in regards to signing up for state healthcare.



Final Thoughts

There are, of course, many other considerations when it comes to monthly expenditure which will depend on your own personal habits. Gym membership, mobile phones, theatre, cinema, and other nights out, will all vary in cost depending on the nature and regularity of the services being accessed.


Please note that all prices discussed above should be considered average at the time of writing and should not be taken as exact and immutable values.


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