When you employ the services of a South of France surveyor to assist you in purchasing your dream property in this incredible region, you want to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. And in property, as with comedy, timing can be everything.

Price negotiation margins for French properties are presently at their lowest point for a few years. This means estate agents are generally not enjoying the same level of wiggle-room they once did, when it comes to the price. The negotiation margin for properties in France is presently sitting at around 3.8%. While this could be down to the fact property prices in the region have been relatively stable since 2011 and are considered to be very reasonable, it could mean those expecting to drive a hard bargain are going to be disappointed.


Therefore, is there a perfect time to purchase a property in this idyllic part of mainland Europe when negotiations may be more fruitful?


Yes, There Is

Perhaps unsurprisingly, winter offers the best time to invest in a French property. The market remains relatively calm from December to February, and many properties have a hard time finding buyers during this period. This means sellers will be more likely to accept a lower offer – especially if they are looking for a quick sale – and negotiation margins are generally much wider.


During the summer itself is also a good time to negotiate. After failing to sell during the busy spring season, sellers can begin to get a little more desperate – opening the possibility for negotiations once again. Sellers know, if the properties are not sold before the winter, they are more likely to sit on the open market until the following year.


When Not to Buy

If there is a good season in which to buy property in the South of France, then it stands to reason there would also be a bad one.


Spring is the worst time to try and purchase property as the market is at its peak, with many buyers looking to purchase a home in time for the summer. An abundance of seller choice means lower offers are less likely to be accepted, and you will likely find yourself having to stump up the list price, or very close to it.


Not as ripe for negotiations, but still reasonable, is at the end of summer, around September time. Sellers are often looking to offload their properties after the holiday season, and before the winter kicks in, so the market picks up again. There are still a few buyers looking for properties during this period, but not nearly as many as in the spring.


Final Thoughts

Whichever time of year you are looking to purchase a property, employing the services of an experienced and professional South of France surveyor will ensure you enter the process with all the ammunition you need to make a sound investment.


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