The idea of purchasing a property in the luxurious South of France can be a daunting one. However, a professional and experienced South of France surveyor can help.


Whether the goal is to use your new property as a vacation escape, only to be occupied for a few weeks or months each year, a bolthole from which to conduct international business, or a permanent home for you and your family, the South of France is a beautiful part of the world to invest in.


However, between the time of making the decision to go ahead and look for a property and your freshly purchased location being ready for you to move into, there is a lot to sort out.

A South of France surveyor can help you purchase property

An Unfamiliar Locale

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome before purchasing a property, is the distance between your present residence and the South of France. Travelling backwards and forwards between the two to view potential properties can be a tiring, impractical and expensive endeavour.


Combine this with the  difficulties which can be had communicating in a strange country, as well as the legal concerns necessary to purchasing in France and things can quickly become very stressful.

An Inexperienced Eye

Even when you do make it out to the South of France and find a property which appears to fit your specifications, there are still hurdles to overcome.


Assuming you don’t work in the building trade yourself, it can be difficult to properly assess how much, if any, building or renovation work may be required to bring the house up to a liveable condition. Acquiring quotes for any work will also be challenging, as any surveys may need to be negotiated over the phone from back in the UK, again, in a potentially unfamiliar language.


Another issue can come from assessing the reputation of any builders which are hired to carry out the work. Without local knowledge and/ or face to face contact, it can be hard to assess whether you are dealing with cowboys or professionals. Needless to say, hiring a disreputable building firm to renovate your new South of France property can quickly turn your dreams into a nightmare.

A South of France surveyor can help you with property

The Professional Solution

However, all is not lost. With a professional and experienced South of France surveyor working on your behalf, these concerns evaporate. Charles Mackintosh has been living and working in the region for over 20-years, and as such, is extremely knowledgeable on not only the South of France itself, but the entire property buying process.


A chartered surveyor like Charles will be able to locate viable properties for you – according to your own specifications – negotiate with local estate agents on your behalf, ensuring all legal papers and other matters are in proper order and assess the possibility and potential costs of any building or renovation work which may be necessary – as well as only employing the services of the very best tradespeople.


Having lived, worked and raised a family in the region himself, Charles Mackintosh is also ideally placed to advise you on everything from shops and restaurants, to medical care and the schools.


Please do get in touch today.