The South of France has a ton of features which draw in British people looking to invest in property. From the sunshine, to the cuisine and culture, there’s a reason why chartered surveyors in the region are so busy.

However, there are lots of things to consider when looking to make the investment into a South of France property. Once the dreaming part of your European fantasy has passed and you have made the decision to begin seriously considering the prospect, you are going to need to make some choices.

Learn about some of the circumstances you are going to need to consider when choosing your new property in the South of France.


Why do you want to buy a South of France property?

You may not think this is an important question to weigh up when choosing a South of France property, but you would be mistaken. What the property is to be used for is going to drive your choice of location.

If the property is just for you and your family to live in full-time, then all you need to do is consider your own personal tastes and your budget. However, if you plan to rent the property out when you are not using it, then you are going to need to take more than just your own tastes into account – you will need to consider whether the property has mass-appeal.


You will also need to think about who your potential tenants will be. Are you planning on renting to holiday makers? Then you’ll need to consider factors such as how far away the nearest beach is and how popular the area is with tourists. If you are renting to residents, you will be looking at the property’s distance from population centres and commercial districts as well as major roads.

If you want the property to serve as a bolt-hole for you to use when travelling for business, you are likely to want to be close to airports and/or train stations to make getting around simple.

Ready to Go, or a Fixer-Upper

A house that is in great condition and requires little or no work is a brilliant option. After all, you can move in right after the papers are signed.

However, you may get more for less if you look to a property in need of renovation. You will likely get a bigger property for less money and of course, there’s a lot to be said for customisation. Taking a bare skeleton and fleshing it out according to your own tastes and specifications will leave you with a home that feels truly your own.


Renovation carries its own pitfalls and risks however, so you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for.

Make sure you have a budget set in stone and don’t get carried away. It’s very easy to lose your cool and start buying everything top-of-the-line, but this may lead to you running out of cash before the project is finished, leaving you with half a house and a whole lot of regret.

Think about whether your project is going to require planning permission and ensure you are up to scratch on the laws and regulations. This can be especially tricky if you don’t speak French, so make sure you are getting the correct advice. The same goes for hiring the builders.

There you have some factors you may not have previously considered when it comes to choosing your South of France investment property. If you need an experienced chartered surveyor to help you negotiate the ins and outs of the French property market, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to help.