France has been the world’s leading tourist destination for several years. In 2015, a record 84.5 million people visited the country from all over the world. Many people who make the trip fall in love with the beautiful cities, rolling countryside and French way of life.


It’s no surprise that so many have made the decision to purchase property in the South of France, whether as a holiday home where they can spend summers basking in the sunshine or as a permanent residence.


Why Buy Property in the South of France?


The South of France, in particular the French Riviera, has always been a go-to destination for celebrities and royalty alike, so any purchases here are sure to be a sound investment that will continue to be in high demand for years to come. With stunning weather, glitzy events like the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival and some of the best cuisine in the world, the French Riviera is a dream destination. Where better to experience all of this than in your very own property?


In truth, any area in the French Riviera is desirable, but these three are truly sensational.


1.   Nice


Nice is the most popular city for Côte d’Azur visitors. Just 20 miles from the Italian border, it experiences a Mediterranean climate with year-round sunshine and little rainfall during the summer months.


Nice is something of a cultural hotspot featuring numerous museums and galleries including Musee Matisse and Musee d’Art Moderne et d ‘Art Contemporain (The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art). It also plays host to several festivals, the most well-known of which are the Carnaval de Nice and the Nice Jazz Festival.


It’s also the home of what was, at the time of its creation in 1888, the world’s largest telescope, which resides in the Nice Observatory.


Nice property-owners can look forward to a balance of traditional French living and thriving city life closer to the metropolitan centre. This area’s popularity with tourists means that property can be rented out and become a great source of income.


Nice is an ideal location for purchasing property in the South of France


2.   Cannes


Cannes is famous for one thing – the international Cannes Film Festival. In 2017, it will be celebrating its 70th anniversary, so it’s sure to be a big event.


The festival attracts the most glamorous and accomplished people in the entertainment industry every year, and in order to service their needs, Cannes has become a luxurious destination featuring 5* hotels and exclusive restaurants and bars.


Slightly cooler than Nice, Cannes is ideal for strolling around in the sunshine, shopping in the boutiques on La Croisette and soaking up the atmosphere. (Or perhaps even a bit of sneaky celebrity spotting!)


Owning a property in Cannes means you’ll always be at the heart of the action. You can guarantee that friends and family will be begging to stay with you when the festival rolls around in May.


La Croisette, Cannes at sunset


3.   Grasse


If you’d rather be further back from the coast, the enchanting town of Grasse up in the hills north of Nice could be the dream destination for you.


Grasse is considered to be the perfume capital of the world, and is home to three perfumeries. Galimard, established in 1747, Molinard, established in 1849 and Fragonard, established in 1926. The industry employs more than 10,000 people in the local area and is the source of over two-thirds of the world’s natural scents used in perfumes, beauty products and food.


All three perfumeries offer free tours and allow visitors to create their own unique fragrances. The process goes right from picking your own flowers to pouring the perfume itself, and is an experience not to be missed.


In August, Grasse also plays host to the annual Fête du Jasmin, when the whole town is decorated with garlands of jasmine and jasmine-infused water is sprayed into the crowds.


Choosing to purchase a property in Grasse ensures that you’ll always have a relaxing hideaway in an idyllic, quintessentially French location.


Grasse, France is famed for its perfumeries


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